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Professional Real Estate Photography Retouching Essentials

About Us

 RT Imaging was starting by a small group of retouchers who specialise in realestate photography, our aim is to provide the real estate photography community with premium, professional, fully adjustable photoshop actions that guide and enhance the users experience and ultimately speed up any workflow. 

This workspace was designed and developed to give back to the community by sharing our knowledge and insider tricks and providing premium products at an affordable price. Because we believe your time is valuable.

Interior :
Set. 1

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Quality Streamlined Actions - work smart not hard

The Interior Set 1: and Exterior Set 2: are built to give you all of the tools needed to make your interior and exterior images stand out.

Use professional tricks, blending modes and techniques that have been complied, tested and built over many years by professional retouchers in the architectural | real estate industry.

These tricks and techniques include tailored adjustment layers, tool scripts, colour toning, dynamic range, detail enhancing, sky replace and powerful luminosity masks used for our HDR featured action within each Set.


Exterior :
Set. 2

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Simplicity at it's best

“This might be one of the first products I have seen offered without a ton a bloated unusable actions. For real estate this is by far one of the easiest and cleanest workflows I have yet to try”

Automated Workflows:

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High Quality Stock

On Demand

Find the perfect asset for your next creative project

Online access to high quality professional stock assets. Carefully cut out high resolution stock on demand via our online library. 


Online Stock Library

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